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May 25, 2022
James Pratley

Owning an electric vehicle comes with many benefits – zero emissions, vastly lower running costs and that instant torque to impress all your fossil-fueled friends. But, when it comes to charging, we know that things aren’t quite perfect.

That’s why we introduced the app, enabling everyone with a compatible charger or vehicle to smart charge at home and take advantage of the cheapest, greenest energy available without even having to think about it.

However, we know that for those bigger journeys or extended periods on the road, home charging may not be possible, especially with the summer holidays coming up.

And for many people without driveways or garages, it’s simply not an option to charge at home. Especially in towns and cities where there is an increased urgency in the transition to zero-carbon mobility.

Charge on the go with

We’re thrilled to be introducing on-the-go charging in the app, starting in the UK, with over 5,700 charge stations across the country from networks including Osprey, ESB, Source London, Hubsta, EB Charging, MER, Genie Point, Alfa, Li-Fe, plug-n-go and more coming soon. Visit Zap Map to find the best charge points for your next journey.

Alongside our new on-the-go charging feature, we’re also adding public charging to our Smart Rewards so that you can earn free miles every time you charge your vehicle.

Now, whether you’re at home or on the go, the cheapest and greenest EV charging is right in the palm of your hand with one simple app.

That’s right, the days of juggling a handful of charging apps are well and truly in your rear-view mirror.

When you need to charge away from home, just drive up, plug in and tap your electric green card to top up your EV on the go.

You’ll get regular updates from the app so you can crack on with shopping or latte-drinking without the worry of faulty chargers or overstay penalty charges.

In true fashion, drivers using Connect will be able to see the energy, cost and carbon of every charge you make too, with our advanced tracking. We’ll also send you a personalised report of all your charging, so you’re always in control.

Ready to hit the road?

We’re making this new version of the app available to drivers in the UK. To get started, simply join the Connect waitlist and we’ll be in touch to arrange the delivery of your Contactless Payment card.

Not using the app yet? Download the app from the App Store or Google Play today and become a driver of change.

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