Enel X JuiceBox enrollment instructions

Click here to learn more about the EnelX JuiceBox charging station.

1. Select ‘I have a home charger’

After telling us about your electric vehicle(s), click the ‘I have a home charger’ screen. This will take you to a menu of home charging stations that are compatible with ev.energy and eligible for enrollment in SmartCharge New York.

2. Connect to your Enel X JuiceBox

Select Enel X from the list of charger manufacturers, and you’ll be directed to a screen prompting you to enter your 28-digit JuiceBox ID. You can find your JuiceBox ID in the Enel X mobile app by opening the menu in the upper-right corner and selecting ‘Device Settings.’ You will see your JuiceBox Device ID, which you can copy into the text field in the ev.energy app. You can also find your JuiceBox ID on the side label located on your JuiceBox charger. Once you’ve entered all 28 digits, press the ‘Find charger’ button.

3. Continue with SCNY enrollment while we work with Enel to connect to your charger

We’ll work with Enel to verify and connect to your charger, which can take up to 72 hours. We’ll email you when your JuiceBox is successfully connected, but in the meanwhile you’ll see the charger status as ‘Pending.’ Press ‘Continue’ to proceed with SmartCharge New York enrollment and return to Step 8 of the main instructions.