Smartenit enrollment instructions

Smartenit and have introduced a portable charging cable that is compatible with any EV, doesn't require installation, comes in Level 1 and Level 2 models, and will report the charging data needed for you to earn SCNY incentives. Click here to learn more about the Smartenit device.

1. Select ‘I have a home charger’

After telling us about your electric vehicle(s), click the ‘I have a home charger’ screen. This will take you to a menu of home charging stations that are compatible with and eligible for enrollment in SmartCharge New York.

2. Commission your Smartenit device using your local WiFi network

Select Smartenit from the list of charger manufacturers, and you’ll be directed to a screen prompting you to enter the details of your local WiFi network. We’ll use this WiFi network to commission your Smartenit device. Please note, Smartenit devices can only connect to password-protected 2.4 GHz networks. Once successful, you’ll receive a ‘Wi-Fi validated’ message.

3. Pair your Smartenit device with

Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to power on your Smartenit device and repeatedly press the SET button to pair it with Press the ‘Continue’ button and wait about 1 minute for the cable to finish pairing with You’ll receive an on-screen confirmation, and can then proceed with SmartCharge New York enrollment by returning to Step 8 of the main instructions.