Charged up in 2022

January 20, 2022

2022 is here, and it’s time to set our plans into motion in order to achieve our goals. After COP26 emphasised that the fight against climate change is a global one, it’s clear we all have to do our parts and work together to reduce our carbon footprint. As an electric vehicle driver, you’ve taken a major step in reducing the use of fossil fuels, and by smart charging with, you’re doing even more to create a more sustainable future. Here are five ways to get the most out of your charging experience in 2022:

1. Lock Your Charger

Add a layer of protection on your charger while you are away by locking your charger. When enabled, this feature will prevent your connected charger from dispensing current. Read more here.

2. Enable Push Notifications

Stay current with the latest updates by enabling push notifications to your app! Read more here.

3. Customise Your Weekly Charge Schedule

Set your daily ready-by time from the app by customising your weekly charge schedule. Learn how to do it here.

4. Update your Tariff Details

Maximise your savings by updating your tariff details! When your tariff is up-to-date and you set your max price, can keep you charged up within your budget. Learn how to update your tariff here.

5. Enable Solar Match Mode

Connect your solar panels and make your smart charging even greener with the Solar modes. In climates that allow it, utilize Solar-only mode in order to charge your vehicle completely with energy from the sun. If you need to, you can supplement solar power with energy from the grid by enabling the “Solar and grid” option. Read more here.

Those are our top tips for getting the most out of your EV in 2022. If you have more to share we’d love to hear them! Get in touch via our Twitter page.

You can download the app here.

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