How to connect your BriXcell charger to network?

1. Plug in gateway to a USB-C port

2. Status LEDs will go RED for a few seconds

3. Once LEDs change pattern, press and hold centre button for 3+ seconds

4. Network LED will flash PURPLE (note, the red LED will still be on).

5. Open WiFi settings and connect to BriXcell Gateway.

6. Once connected, the device will prompt you to connect to a sign-in page.

- If this doesn’t work, head to

- Enter the correct WiFi details to connect to

- The gateway will now reboot, showing all WHITE lights. After this, the LEDs should show GREEN, AMBER, BLUE (bottom upwards). This means that the gateway has successfully connected to the internet

7. The gateway hub now needs to be paired to the charger.

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