How to improve vehicle connectivity

Our platform communicates with your vehicle in order to access information about its battery, and to tell it when to charge. Therefore, the vehicle must have a reliable internet connection. However, sometimes the vehicle drops offline, which leads to loss of data. If the vehicle is offline for long enough we will have an inaccurate picture of your charging session, and may even completely miss charging sessions.

While being aware of these limitations, there are a few things we can advise you to do to improve connectivity:

  • Keeping the vehicle online: usually a vehicle drops offline/falls asleep after a few hours of inactivity to conserve battery, this hinders our ability to do smart charging which usually begins in the middle of the night. If you have a Tesla you can use ‘Sentry mode’ to keep the vehicle online. For other vehicles, you can interact with it just before you leave it for the night by opening and closing the door to wake it up.
  • For some vehicles we keep the vehicle always charging at a very low current, just enough to keep the vehicle awake, and then we will do full charging during the allocated smart charge times. This is enabled by default for MG. A support agent can activate this for your vehicle to see if this will help keep the vehicle online.
  • Being aware that parking in a poor network connectivity area such as an underground garage or remote location will hinder our charging performance. If you move to a more well connected area then that can improve quality.
  • In some cases, vehicles may not be providing us with data due to restricted permissions which requires action from the user. A support agent can help identify if this is the case.

There are some limitations of our system which we cannot control:

  • Some vehicle manufacturers have API limitations which will restrict the frequency we can poll the vehicle for data (e.g. only once per hour for some vehicles). This will reduce the accuracy of our data or result in missed sessions. Some Hyundai users have reported a workaround where refreshing their vehicle status in the native Hyundai app will update the vehicle status in our app within 15 minutes.
  • Sometimes there are service interruptions and connection is lost to all vehicles of a manufacturer for a few hours. A support agent can help identify if this is the case for your vehicle.
  • If we find that your vehicle has a very unreliable connection, and is severely hindering the quality of our service to you, then we may recommend disconnecting your vehicle from our system to prevent any further miscommunication. This is the last resort of action after exploring all other avenues for resolution. Speak to a support agent to arrange the disconnection of your vehicle.

Please note that we are making continual improvements to the robustness of our platform, and the transparency of our communications so that we can inform you when your vehicle has good or poor connectivity, and what action to take. If you'd like to get in touch with our support team, please email us at

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