I can't commission a customers charge point because it's offline

If you have navigated to the commissioning portal to register the customers charge point and receive an error message saying 'unable to reach ev.energy servers' it is because the charge point is offline. Please troubleshoot using the following steps.

1. Check the mobile signal in the area. If there is low signal the modem may not be able to receive the messages being sent to it.

2. Insure that the charge point is not installed anywhere where signal could be obstructed or interrupted. Common issues are caused when installed behind garage doors in sheds e.t.c

3. If signal is low, attach a signal booster in the form of a Shark Fin antenna.

4. Check that the SIM inside the GPRS modem has not come loose. This is is located inside the unit itself.

5. Make sure all cables are properly connected and nothing has come loose.

6. If you have tried all of the following then please contact Rolec, as the unit may be faulty and will need replacing.

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