LEVC Vista: Charge rate issues

Some owners of LEVC Vista might experience charging issues using the cable delivered with their vehicle. The charging behavior is usually erratic. Sometimes, the charging might not work in standard nor in smart mode, whilst, at other times, LEVC owners might be able to charge their vehicle. During the times when the charging is working, the charge rate fluctuates, which means that the vehicle is not being fully charged. The first screenshot below displays such a charging session.

After following up with some of our users who experienced these issues, we've discovered that the problem was a faulty batch of charging cables delivered with the LEVC Vista model from 2019, and potentially, 2020. The users who purchased the newer charging cable from 2021, or charged their vehicle using the cable from a charger, were able to charge at full rate, as visible in the second screenshot below.

Charge rate with a faulty cable

Charge rate with a newer cable

We are not aware of other LEVC models being affected, but if you experienced similar issues with another model, please get in touch with us.

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