My BriXcell charger can't be found

Diagnose the charger and confirm there is connectivity to the hub.

How do you do this?

- Look at the LED Indicators on the gateway hub. If they show the following then it’s working correctly and the charger is connected. Green (power icon), blue (WiFi icon) and green/blue (web icon) from the bottom upwards.

- Confirm the gateway hub is connected online.

How do you do this?

- If the middle LED is any colour other than blue, such as orange/white, there is issues with the connection for the charger to the hub. The charger then needs to be re-paired to the hub. This is done by holding down the reset button on the back of the hub (with the charger disconnected from mains). When the middle LED of the hub starts flashing white, then it’s in pairing mode, wait for the LED to go solid white and then turn on the power to the charger. As soon as the charger has gone through the start up sequence, tap the RFID on the device (around the logo area) 6 times. After each tap the bar should flash WHITE.

Note: This needs to be done within the first few minutes of the BriXcell unit starting up or the process will have to be repeated.

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