My BriXcell charger is Offline

1. Plug in gateway to a USB-C port

3. Status LEDs will go RED for a few seconds

3. Once LEDs change pattern, press and hold centre button for 3+ seconds

4. Network LED will flash BLUE/PURPLE.

5. Open WiFi settings and connect to Cursey charger with password 123456789

6. Once connected, the device will prompt you to connect to a sign-in page.

7. If this doesn’t work, head to or

8. Enter the correct wifi details to connect to.

9. The gateway will now reboot, showing all WHITE lights. After this, the LEDs should show GREEN, AMBER, BLUE. This means that the gateway has successfully connected to the internet

10. To pair the charge point to the gateway, please ensure that the gateway is powered ON and the charge point is powered OFF. Make sure that you have the BriXcell RFID card provided.

11. Hold the gateway pairing button down for ~8 seconds until the middle LED shows WHITE. This indicates that the gateway is now in pairing mode.

12. Turn on the charge point. The light bar underneath the logo should flash through a start-up sequence. After this, tap the BriXcell RFID card against the logo 6 times. After each tap the bar should flash WHITE.

13. After 6 taps, the light bar should show solid WHITE to indicate that the charge point is now in pairing mode and searching for the gateway.

14. When pairing is successful, the gateway lights and charge point lights should be Green, Blue, Blue

15. The charger is now setup to a network and paired, the gateway must always be powered on as it acts as a wifi router.

16. If the charger is still not available after connecting to a network contact for further assistance

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