My Keba charger is Offline

When your charge point loses network connection, you will see a notification in your app, displaying “Charger offline”. Once the connection is lost, your charge point should continue to work as a standard charger, however, smart charging will not be possible.

Your Keba charger will indicate when it has lost connection by turning off the 4th group of 3 green lights on the front display.

This dropout might be related to the grid voltage in your area. Your charger has a protective earth and neutral (PEN) fault device fitted which is designed to detect conditions where the grid voltage is either above or below its regulated levels. This device will turn off the charge point as a safety measure if such a grid voltage condition exists.

If the grid voltage is an issue, you will notice that your PEN fault device will flash a red LED. In this case, you will need to report this to the grid operator.

If you think there's a different hardware issue with your charger, you can also get in touch with Romatech.

The best ways of contacting them are as follows:

Tel:  01223 736900


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