The customer's vehicle is not charging

Although it is possible that a fault may have occurred, the most common reasons for cars not charging are:

1. The cable not being fully connected at both ends - Please try unplugging both ends of the cable before re-inserting them firmly to ensure a full connection is made. New sockets can be a bit stiff!
2. Delay timer in the car - Charging may not occur if a schedule has been set in the customers car. Ask the customer to check that they have not set a delay time in the car.
3. Smart charging has been activated - The customer may have activated smart charging in the app and so charging is not scheduled till later. Tab the "Boost" in the app to start charging straight away (it can take a minute for the charge point to response) or untick smart charging from the settings page and tap save.

If the above have been checked, please follow the following troubleshooting:

Flashing GREEN or BLUE light and won’t charge (The charge point has not recognised a cable is plugged in)
- Check the connector is wired correctly and all wiring is secure. It is possible for wires to come loose during transportation or if the front of the unit is not supported correctly with a crocodile clip when mounting the unit.

Solid BLUE light and won’t charge (car or cable not accepting charge)
- Check that the charge point has been earthed correctly in line with the installation instructions.
- For socketed units, check the cable is not faulty by testing the unit with an approved charge checker.
- Check that there are no settings in the car that are preventing or delaying charging

Solid RED light and won’t charge (trying to connect to a network)
- If a network is not found after 15 minutes, the unit should enter standard charging mode and allow immediate charging. While the charge point is not connected to the cloud, the app will not control the charge point or display up to date information.
- If the light is still RED after 15 minutes and the charge point is NOT dispensing power, replace the Mode 3 controller with one supporting the latest firmware and place the new serial number sticker over the original one on the side of the unit. It is always advisable to carry spares, however if you need to order a replacement controller, please contact Rolec (

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