What do the different colours on my Easee charger mean?

To reset the robot, the charging cable must be disconnected from the robot. If the red light is consistent, please contact Easee support via Easee support.

- The light strip is constantly red, and you hear a warning sound from the charger - this indicates that the installer has connected the wires incorrectly. Contact your installer to get it installed in accordance with the installation guide provided and try again

- The light strip flashes white at the bottom - the Charging Robot has lost connection with its Master. Usually due to distance or obstacles limiting the signal strength.

- The light strip flashes yellow at the bottom - the Charging Robot is waiting to be configured.

If you have tried to configure the Chargeberry many times using the instructions provided by Easee, but the light stripe continues to flash yellow there might be an issue with the RFID chip on the backplate. Please contact Easee support: Easee support

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Easee - What do the different colours on the light strip mean?

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