What do the different LED lights on the charger mean?

The LED lights on your Wallbox charger provide helpful indications about its status. Here's a breakdown of the most common LED colours and what they signify:

Refer to the Wallbox Website for Detailed Information

  • For a comprehensive understanding of the different LED colours and their meanings, you can find detailed information on the Wallbox website.

Common LED Colors:

  • Yellow LED Halo: This indicates that the charger is locked. To unlock it, enable smart charging and ensure the charger is correctly linked to our backend. Once a vehicle is detected and a charging session is initiated, the charger will start charging according to the vehicle's schedule.
  • Green LED Halo: A green LED halo indicates that your charger is powered on and ready for use. The LED will remain green until you connect your vehicle or turn off the charger.   
  • Flashing Turquoise LED Halo: When you see a flashing turquoise LED halo, it means the electric vehicle is waiting for power. Charging will begin once there's sufficient power available on the grid. You can refer to the Wallbox website for troubleshooting guidance if you encounter any errors.
  • Flashing Dark Blue LED Halo: This indicates that the vehicle is connected to your charger, and a charging session is in progress. Once the charging session is completed, the LED light will turn turquoise.

Understanding these LED indicators will help you monitor the status of your Wallbox charger and ensure smooth charging experiences. If you have any further questions or encounter issues, feel free to explore our website for additional support resources. Happy charging!

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