Why can’t I connect to my Wallbox charger via Bluetooth?

If you’re experiencing difficulties connecting to your Wallbox charger via Bluetooth, it might be due to various reasons. Please follow these troubleshooting steps to help establish a successful connection. 

1. Proximity and obstacles

  • Ensure you are within six metres of the charger. 
  • Remove any obstacles that might disrupt the Bluetooth signal. 

2. Phone restart

  • Fully restart your smartphone. 
  • After restarting, turn off the WiFi and leave the Bluetooth on.

3. Location permission

  • Confirm that myWallbox app has been granted Location Permission in your smartphone’s settings.

4. Power cycle the charger

  • Power off the charger supply for a few seconds. 
  • Power it back on, and wait for the LED to turn green after restart. 

5. Select charger in app

  • Log in to myWallbox app and ensure your charger is listed. 
  • If not, add it to your myWallbox account. 

6. Bluetooth permissions

  • Grant Bluetooth permissions when prompted in the myWallbox app by tapping ‘Accept’. 

7. Wait for connection

  • Allow some time for the Bluetooth connection between your charger and the app to be established.

8. Try another smartphone

  • If you’re still unable to connect, try downloading the myWallbox app on another smartphone. 
  • Log in using the same Wallbox account credentials. 
  • If the new smartphone can connect, the issue might be with your original device. 
  • If the new smartphone can’t connect, perform a full charger restore. 

We hope these steps assist you in resolving any Bluetooth connection issues. If further assistance is needed, reach out to our support team. Happy charging!

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