Why did my car charge outside of my off-peak hours?

When we schedule the smart charging for your vehicle, we first optimise for getting your EV charged by your "ready by time". This might not always mean that your vehicle will charge only during your off-peak hours. Your car might charge outside of your off-peak hours in these situations:  

1. You haven't enabled "only charge off-peak" - if you haven't enabled the "only charge off-peak" advanced smart setting, we might charge your vehicle outside of your off-peak period to ensure that your battery gets fully charged by the time you want it to be ready. Enabling this advanced setting means that your car will only charge when your electricity rate drops below or is equal to the price you set.

2. You have enabled "battery preconditioning" - when enabled, this feature will ensure that smart charging will run in the hour before the required time. This means, that even if you have a price limit set up, this functionality will override it and make sure to keep your battery warm before your departure. To disable this, please tap on the smart tab to go to your advanced smart settings, and toggle this off.

3. There's a delay in the communication between our platform and the charger/car - in some cases, a small burst of charge during the first few minutes after the vehicle is plugged in could be expected, as this is the time the charger and app take to communicate and stop the charge. This also happens because the default mode of some chargers is to start charging as soon as they are connected. It usually depends on how good the connectivity in the area you live in is, but it should never take more than 5 minutes.

We are currently working on ways to prevent these initial charging "blips".

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