Why is my Wallbox charging at a lower rate?

If you notice that your Wallbox charger is charging at a lower rate than expected, several factors could be at play. Here are some common reasons:

Car Settings Limitation

  • Check your car settings, as they might limit the power output during charging. Adjusting these settings could potentially increase the charging rate.

Phases or Electric Installation Limitation

  • The number of phases in your charger or the electric installation can also impact the power output. Ensure that your installation supports the desired charging rate.

Car Battery Level

  • If your car's battery is nearly full, the charging regime may automatically reduce the power to ensure a safe charge. This is a common safety feature in many electric vehicles.

Vehicle Door Closure Requirement.

  • Some car models require their doors to be closed to enable a full-power charge. Verify if your car has this feature and ensure that the doors are securely closed during charging.

Power Limitation in myWallbox App

  • Log into the myWallbox app.
  • Select your charger.
  •  Increase the wheel controller on the charger screen to adjust the power limitation as needed.

By addressing these potential factors, you can troubleshoot and optimise the charging rate of your Wallbox charger. If you continue to experience issues or have further questions, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance. Happy charging!

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