Charger lock

What is the Charger Lock feature?

You can now lock and unlock your EV charger with one tap on the app.

Are you worried that someone will use your EV charger while you’re away? Do you rent out your property, and want to ensure no one can use your charger without your permission? has a solution for you! Our new Charger Lock feature makes it easy to secure your EV charger against electricity theft. Lock long-term or just a few hours.

You can lock the charger in two ways

Holiday Lock: prevents your charger from dispensing any power at all until you turn this setting off through the app

Smart Lock: allows power to be dispensed through your charger only during smart charge times — anyone plugged in at peak times will not be able to charge unless you hit Boost through the app

How do I access the Charger Lock feature?

You must have Smart Charging turned on for the Lock feature to work. Go to the Smart tab and turn on the “Charger Lock” option. You will be asked to choose between the “Holiday Lock” mode (which will prevent all charge usage) and “Smart Lock” (which prevents usage outside of Smart Charging and Boost times).

How do I unlock the charger without the app?

You need to be logged into the app and have mobile internet access in order to be able to lock or unlock the charger. Your charger also needs to be online.

If you lose access to the app or the charger loses connectivity, please contact and we will be happy to get you back on track.

Please note that the Charger Lock feature is only available for users with an integrated charger. Find out what chargers we support here.

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