What do the firmware update statuses mean?

Idle - Charge Point is not performing firmware update related tasks.

Scheduled - Update of a new firmware has been scheduled.

In progress - Firmware is being installed.

Success - New firmware has successfully been installed on the charge point.

Failure - Update of a new firmware has failed.

Retrying - Firmware update retrying.

Download Failed - Charge Point failed to download the firmware.

Download Paused - Downloading has been paused.

Download Scheduled - A download of new firmware has been scheduled.

Install Rebooting - Charge Point is about to reboot to activate the new firmware. This status MAY be omitted if a reboot is an integral part of the installation and cannot be reported separately.

Install Scheduled - Installation of the downloaded firmware is scheduled.

Install Verification Failed - Verification of the new firmware (e.g. using a checksum or some other means) has failed and installation will not proceed.

Installation Failed - Installation of new firmware has failed.

Invalid Signature - The firmware signature is not valid.

Signature Verified - Provided signature successfully verified.

Downloaded - New firmware has been downloaded by Charge Point.

Downloading - Firmware is being downloaded.

Installed - New firmware has successfully been installed in Charge Point.

Installing - Firmware is being installed.

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