How do I know if I have the correct tariff details on my account?

If you ever want to check that we have the correct details for your energy tariff, simply visit the “Your tariff” screen in the Smart section of the app.

There you will find the price per kilowatt hour of your electricity tariff*, as well as the times at which any additional rates apply. This information feeds straight into your smart charging schedules, and ensures that we can plan your charges for the most economical hours.

Should you need to update your tariff details, please tap the “Update details” button at the bottom of this screen and select the correct tariff from our database. Should you need any assistance from us regarding the tariff selection, please get in touch with our support team at

*Please note that we’re currently unable to show your full electricity rates if you’re on a dynamic energy tariff (i.e. your energy rates fluctuate by the hour according to energy market prices)

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