How does choose when to charge?

When it comes to optimising your charging experience,'s Smart Charging algorithm prioritizes your needs above all else. If there is flexibility in your charging schedule, the algorithm automatically selects the most suitable times to charge your EV, considering both grid and environmental factors, in order to provide you with a cheaper and greener charging experience.

The algorithm uses five criteria for optimisation, following a specific order of priority:

1. Ensuring your EV is charged by your designated "ready by time."

2. Using solar electricity generated from your solar panels if it proves to be a more cost-effective option.

3. Charging from the electricity grid during the periods when it is most affordable for you based on your tariff.

4. Scheduling charging sessions during low-demand periods when the grid is less congested.

5. Prioritising charging when low-carbon energy sources are abundantly available.

It's important to note that you maintain complete control over your "ready by time”, and if you require an immediate charge, you can initiate a "Boost" charge by tapping on the respective button. However, it's worth considering that Boost charging may utilise high-carbon energy at peak prices.

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