How is smart charging better than a timer?

We understand that some drivers just want to set a static timer that will charge your car at the same time every night and this can suit them. This article is to explain how you can achieve these results in a more optimised way that benefits you, your local grid and the planet!

A timer-based approach is a basic method of charging at the same time each night, while smart charging employs advanced technologies to optimise charging based on real-time data. Your own charging preferences are always the priority, then grid conditions and the integration of renewable energy sources. Smart charging is more versatile and helps to minimise electricity costs, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance your local grid stability.

Don’t worry about missing a charge - Additional features such as 'Only charge off peak' and 'Ready by time' allow you even greater control over your charging to make sure you charge at the desired time and have enough charge to go about your day hassle-free!

Learn more about how to schedule your first smart charge with here.

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