How to get certified for Smart Charge Regulations

Charger Manufacturers

As an EV charger or smart cable manufacturer, you should be ensuring that any existing devices either comply with every requirement in the regulations or are sold by 30th June 2022, as you would incur a fine of up to £10,000 for selling these devices in Great Britain after that point.

All new devices in planning or production should be entirely compliant, and you’ll also want to be considering the Phase 1B regulations around the physical security of devices too.

Thankfully, can support you with achieving compliance.

Charger Installers

As an installer of EV chargers, it’s important to ensure that devices sold as part of the service you offer to customers meet the regulatory requirements from 30th June 2022, otherwise you would incur a fine of up to £10,000 for selling non-compliant devices from this date.

You should consider how to shift or upgrade any devices which do not meet the requirements, otherwise, you will not be able to sell these.

Fortunately, the requirement for all chargers to be “smart” will unlock the ability to spend less time on-site per installation, provide support remotely and install more chargers.

As experts in EV smart charging, is working with a number of charger manufacturers and can help you find certified devices, upskill your team and get support quickly.

Charger Distributors

As the Smart Charge Regulations apply at the point of sale, retailers and distributors will need to ensure that all devices are compliant from 30th June 2022 to avoid fines of up to £10,000.

If you have non-compliant devices in stock, you may want to consider shifting these or working with the manufacturer to have them upgrade them.

The team at can help you to future-proof your business by providing expertise and access to compliant devices.

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