Intelligent tariffs

What is an intelligent tariff?

A tariff is an energy rate. An intelligent tariff is an energy rate where your energy provider manages your EV charging for you automatically, using live information to proactively charge your EV at times when the energy is cheapest. 

The most prominent intelligent tariff available in the UK is Intelligent Octopus. 

Can you use with an intelligent tariff?

Yes! But you can only use the app to track your charging data. You cannot use’s smart charging features if your charging is already being managed by your intelligent tariff or energy rate.

Why can’t you smart charge with an intelligent tariff?

Intelligent tariffs provide smart charging as part of the energy rate, so your EV charging is managed directly by your energy provider. This means that your EV is already being smart charged, so cannot also smart charge your EV; your charging cannot be managed by two systems simultaneously.

If you want to smart charge with, you will need to swap to a non-intelligent tariff or energy rate so can be the only system managing your charging.

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