Is compatible with all tariffs?

Yes, the app is designed to be compatible with a wide range of tariffs. We are agnostic when it comes to tariffs and suppliers, allowing us to accommodate various pricing plans and options. We can add any tariff to the app to ensure optimal charging optimisation based on your specific tariff requirements.

Are there any exceptions to's compatibility with tariffs?

While is compatible with most tariffs, there is one exception. Some suppliers may require full control over the vehicle's charging as part of their specific offer. In these cases, where the supplier's requirements conflict with our system, we are unable to support such tariffs.

How can I ensure that my specific tariff is compatible with

Our goal is to support as many tariffs as possible. If you have a specific tariff that you would like to use with, please provide the tariff details through the "Can't find your tariff?" option in the app. Our support team will review the information and work to add it to our system. We will then notify you once the tariff is ready to use.

Recommended energy suppliers and EV tariffs

We're compatible with any energy tariff - so no matter what tariff you're on, we'll be able to optimise for lower price and lower carbon. If you're looking to switch energy suppliers, we've put together a handy list of recommended EV tariffs to help you get the most of your charging.

In the UK, we recommend the following tariffs:

E.ON Next - The E.ON Next Drive tariff has been created specifically with EV drivers in mind. This tariff uses 100% renewable energy and offers you 4 hours of off-peak charging at only 4p/kWh! (not currently available)

ESB Energy - ESB Energy EV tariff. Ideal for EV owners based in London or Coventry as you will gain 2 years of free access to rapid charging networks in these locations. 100% of energy is sourced from renewables.

Octopus Energy - The Go tariff. Designed just for energy geeks who embrace a more complex tariff. Slightly higher standard price, but a great off-peak rate if you can do all your charging in the 4-hour off-peak window. Requires a smart meter to be fitted.

EDF Energy - GoElectric tariff. Great off-peak rate and hours, including weekends. Does require a smart meter to be fitted by EDF to gain these benefits.

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