Max charge limit

Setting a Max charge limit

Don’t need a full charge every time? You can now customise the maximum level to which you want your electric vehicle to charge to, giving you greater control over your vehicle's charging behavior. 

The Max charge limit is a target level which we will aim to charge your vehicle up to in every session.

This feature is applicable not only to Smart, Boost, and Standard home charging but also to charging sessions completed away from home. 

Does the Max charge limit apply to all types of charging sessions? 

Yes - including Smart, Boost, Standard, and Away From Home charging!

The Max charge limit setting applies uniformly across all charging scenarios, including at-home smart charging, boosting, and charging sessions conducted away from home. This ensures a consistent charging experience tailored to your specified needs, regardless of the location or charging method.

Max charge limit and Smart Charging

Your vehicle will charge according to your set ready-by time, only up to your set limit.

If you have configured a Max charge limit in the app, it directly influences the Smart Charging feature. The vehicle will adhere to your ready-by time, ensuring that it only charges up to the specified limit, optimising charging based on your preferences.

If you set a Pricing Threshold or use Only Charge Off-peak as part of Smart Charging, we’ll make sure to never charge in peak times or when energy is more expensive than your threshold - this may mean we cannot charge your vehicle all the way up to your Max charge limit.

Max charge limit and Solar Only charging

Even if there’s solar available, your vehicle will stop charging at your set limit.

Despite the potential availability of surplus solar energy, the Max charge limit takes precedence and the vehicle will stop charging once it reaches your set limit.

I already have a charge limit set in my vehicle app. What’s the difference?

There’s no difference! This setting in the app will automatically sync with your vehicle/vehicle app. So, if you already have a charge limit pre-set in your vehicle's native app, the app will display this same limit. This allows you to change your limit in  the app, eliminating the need to toggle between different apps. 

There may be a slight delay when you update, though - so, please wait a few minutes and refresh if it doesn’t look right.

I have more than one vehicle on my account. Can I set a different charge limit for each?

Yes! You can set a different charge limit for each vehicle on your account. Using the vehicle switcher on the dashboard, you can easily switch between your registered vehicles and customise charge limits based on your requirements. 

Please note: Not all cars support this feature. You can refer to our Integrations page for more information on vehicle compatibility.

Does the Max charge limit sync with my car settings?

Yes - when you update your charge limit in the app, it will also update in your car and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) app.

Please be aware that the synchronisation process may take up to a few minutes, particularly if the vehicle is offline at the moment of the update.

If you have also set a charging timer in your car, the app will not charge outside of the timer hours - this may prevent your vehicle from charging all the way up to your set Max charge limit.

What can I set my Max charge limit to?

We encourage you to refer to guidelines provided by your vehicle manufacturer when setting the Max charge limit as this can vary. In the app you are able to set a limit between 50-100%, allowing you to choose a limit that aligns with your preferences and usage patterns. 

Please note, any limit set in the app will be automatically reflected in the vehicle or its associated app, ensuring consistent management. There may be up to a few minutes delay while this syncs.

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