What are Rewards?

Get rewarded for smart charging your EV with us!

The aim of is to reduce electricity bills for you, and reduce CO2 emissions for the planet. Use our app to complete Smart Charges, earn reward points and then use them to redeem rewards.

How do I earn reward points?

To earn reward points that you can spend in our rewards section, simply complete a smart charge of at least 7 kWh.

Once you've completed 30 smart charges, head to the Rewards tab in the app and tap a reward to claim!

Please note: Reward points expire after 12 months.

Rewards on offer in the UK

- Amazon vouchers

- 100% Zero-Carbon Charging with Carbon Credits

- Money off your energy bill

- you Donate to the Fuel Bank Foundation

Rewards on offer in the EU

- Amazon vouchers

- Ikea vouchers

- Decathlon vouchers

Who can claim EU rewards?

Our offer is currently limited to drivers who are residing in one of the following countries:

Netherlands - Germany - Italy - Spain - Belgium - France - Austria - Ireland

Can all 3 vendor vouchers be claimed in all territories?

No, not all vendors have 5 € vouchers in all territories. Here is a breakdown of what vendors are available in specific countries.

Germany: vouchers, Ikea vouchers, Decathlon vouchers

France: vouchers, Ikea vouchers, Decathlon vouchers

Belgium: vouchers (please change country back to France) , Ikea vouchers

Ireland: National Book Tokens voucher, Tesco voucher

Italy: vouchers

Spain: vouchers

Netherlands: vouchers

Austria: vouchers

We are hoping to launch new rewards and also extend our offer in new territories soon, stay tuned for the latest and greatest news on all things by subscribing to our newsletters.

Disclaimer: Once you've received the reward code for the vendor of your choice will not be able to swap/change this to another offer. Please make sure to contact GiftPay directly. In order to do so go back to your reward email and hit "Contact Us" or visit

(Our reward scheme is in conjunction with Project Shift, an exciting new smart charging trial led by UK Power Networks. These rewards are available to a limited number of users.)

I haven't received my reward

Once you claim the reward of your choice on the Rewards tab in the app, it should be automatically sent to the email address associated with your app account but this can sometimes take a few hours. If you haven't received your reward, please get in touch with our support team.

Remember to check the email you have associated with your app account by tapping on the cogwheel icon and then Account. Remember to also check your junk mail folder.

Please note that our latest reward type "£5 Energy Bill Contribution" isn't automated yet so please bear with us until the responsible team will process and transfer your funds. In order to do so we recommend you confirming your PayPal details via email. We will process your bill credit on the beginning of each month.

Where does Carbon Footprint plant its trees?

Carbon Footprint plants trees across 12 regions of the UK including Northern Ireland. An interactive map of the various tree-planting sites can be found in the link here. The trees are predominantly planted in school grounds, reserves and managed woodland.

What species of trees does Carbon Footprint plant?

The species of trees varies from season to season, but all the trees Carbon Footprint plant are native broadleaf varieties including Hawthorn, Sessile Oak, Hazel, Downy Birch, Guelder Rose, Field Maple, Rowan, English Oak, Blackthorn, Wild Cherry. Other species planted include common alder, crab apple, silver birch, spindle bush & goat willow. Carbon Footprint is not currently planting Ash trees due to Chalara Ash dieback fungus.

What is the Quality Assurance Scheme?

The QAS (formerly known as the Quality Assurance Scheme) is a Not For Profit organisation. Its objective is to bring the highest levels of confidence to businesses and individuals that the carbon emissions calculation methodology being used is independently verified, that carbon offset projects meet the highest standards available in the offsetting industry and that carbon retirement is done in an open and timely manner.

Carbon Footprint Ltd was one of just four carbon offsetting organisations that met the original government scheme requirements and is one of the founding members of the new QAS programme,  launched as an independent not-for-profit organisation in July 2012.

The Quality Assurance Standard continues to give confidence to businesses and individuals that the calculation methodology being used has been independently verified and the offset project meets the highest standards available in the offsetting industry. In addition, the scheme includes an audit process to verify offset providers are following this standard and fulfilling the full offsetting obligations for their customers.

More information on QAS can be found in the link here.

What is the 'Tree Buddying' programme?

The UK tree planting scheme incorporates tree buddying. This means for each tree pledged, as well as planting a tree, Carbon Footprint will also offset one tonne of CO2 through a VCS project, which guarantees to offset one tCO2.

This ensures your carbon offsetting:

- is fully verified

- meets international standards - including meeting strict additional requirements

- meets BSI's PAS 2060 specification on carbon neutrality

- meets the Carbon Footprint Standard and

- continues to take additional CO2 out of the atmosphere during the life of the tree

What is REDD+ ?

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) is a mechanism to create financial value for the carbon stored in forests. It offers incentives for developing countries to reduce emissions from forested lands and invest in low-carbon paths to sustainable development.

The United Nations created the REDD+ mechanism to quantify and value the carbon storage services that forests provide.

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