Add your vehicle for accurate charging based on your battery size. To unlock access to the additional benefits you can also connect your vehicle account. This means we will be able to assess the car’s state-of-charge - for more accurate charging predictions, track your 'on the go' charges - so we can consolidate your charge tracking within the app and display battery % in the app .

Read more about how we directly integrate with your vehicle here.

You can also view your vehicle details, check if your account is connected and your vehicle is online, and update your vehicle details - in case you buy a new car.

Home charger

If you have a connected charger, you can access your charger details, check the status of connectivity, run firmware updates and access charger logs. See our list of compatible charger models here.

Read more here: What are charger logs? and What are firmware updates?

Charging location

Add your charging location address to the app to enable Smart Charging and carbon data that’s accurate to your area.

To add your charging location, just follow these steps:

1. Search for your charging location

2. Confirm your address

3. Tap ‘Confirm’


Access your account details, change password, manage subscriptions and request the closure of your account.

Read more here: How can I close my app account?


Choose your preferred Unit of measure and App icon.


Turn on Push notifications to get reminders and alerts for charging updates and issues so that you never miss a charge!

Read more here: Push notifications

Invite a friend

Earn extra reward points by inviting your friends to use the app.

Read more here: Inviting a friend and Rewards

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