Smart Charging on your home charger explained. collaborates with several charger hardware manufacturers to deliver smart charging services through our app and backend platform.

Through our intelligent cloud-based software, we transform compatible home charger hardware into "smart chargers," enabling you to engage in smart charging for any car at home. This implies that users will need a compatible charger or a car that can be integrated with the app.

We are continuously working hard to expand our range of supported chargers and vehicle integrations for the benefit of our users. If your car or home charger is not currently supported, you can email our friendly team at with an integration request. We will ensure to consider your request when developing future partnerships.

Your charger establishes communication with's servers via WiFi, Ethernet cable, or a GPRS modem installed within the charge point. During the onboarding process within the app, you will be prompted to enter the same email address used to activate your smart charger on-site. This allows the app to identify your specific charge point and link it to your user account.

In case you encounter any issues with your hardware, it is recommended to contact your charger manufacturer or installer. They can assist in diagnosing and resolving potential hardware faults or installation errors.

I have a connected car, do I need a special charger too?

Simply put, no, you don't! We're integrated directly with a range of vehicles, so you can smart charge on any type of charge point at your home address. However, a smart home charger means you can still smart charge if you would rather not connect your car. Check if your vehicle is compatible here.

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