Stats and Data

We recognise that some of our users require a record of their EV charging, whether it be for expensing to their employer or for splitting bills in a shared household. Exporting the data for your charging sessions, both at home and away from home, is now easy to do via the app.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to the Stats screen

2. Click the icon on the top right that looks like an arrow pointing down.

3. Now select the time period for the data: this calendar month, last calendar month, or "All time" (since your account was opened). Please note that if there is no data available for a given time period, the option will be greased out.

4. That's it! An email will be sent directly to the email address associated with your account. The email will contain a file listing all your charging sessions for that period.

If your email address is incorrect, please contact customer support from the app so we can update our records.

How to read the data export CSV file

The CSV file can be opened from any spreadsheet application, or uploaded to Google Docs for easy reading. You can also open it as a simple text file. For each charging session, we give the following information:

Session ID: the unique ID for that session in the database

Car ID: the unique ID for that car in the database

Car Description: the car make and model associated with your account

Session Start Time: the start time for the charging session, typically form when you plug in.

Session Finish Time: the end time for the charging session - either when you unplug, stop a boost charge, or have fully charged the car

Estimated Energy Delivered: how much energy was delivered to the vehicle, in kWh.

- If we speak to your charger, we track the kWh estimation using your charger's meter.

- If we speak to your car directly, we get this info straight from your EV.

Average Cost per kWh: the cost per kWh, averaged over the whole session.

Cost: the total cost for the entire charging session

Location: can be:

- Home: if the charge was performed on your home charger, or if we detected that your car was at your home location during the session, or

- Away: if your car was detected at another location that wasn't your home.

Please note:

- Away from home charging sessions might not show a cost.

- All dates and times are recorded in your local timezone. To change your timezone, visit the Account > Personal details section of the app.

- Sessions that start on the last day of the month and continue into the first day of a new month will appear on next month's report.

How is the average cost per session calculated?

We calculate the average cost per kWh over the whole charging session.

The cost we calculate is based on:

- the electricity tariff / rate you indicated in the app

- whether that tariff / rate is variable or fixed

- whether you are using our Solar Smart Charging feature and charging your car from your solar panels

If you're on a variable rate

Our Smart Charging algorithm works out the average cost of charging over the whole period of time when you were charging.

For example, say you charge continually from 10pm to 2am, and that you are on a tariff which costs 10p/kWh between 10pm and midnight, and 5p/kWh between midnight and 2am.

In this case, you will have charged half the time at 10p/kWh, and half the time at 5p/kWh, giving an average cost per kWh of 7.5p/kWh.

If you're using solar energy

If you use our Solar Smart feature, we will calculate what percentage of energy is coming from your solar panels, and use this to calculate the average cost.

For example, let's say you are solar smart charging between 2pm and 4pm, at a time when your grid electricity costs 10p per kWh. Let's say during that time your solar panels produce 50% of the energy used to charge your vehicle.

In this scenario, your average cost of charging with 50% solar power and 50% grid electricity between 2pm and 4pm is 5p per kWh.

If you're on a flat rate

If you have a flat rate tariff and aren't using solar energy, the average cost per kWh will always remain the same: the flat rate you have set in the app.

Keep your tariff up to date

As you can see, we rely on your tariff information being up to date in order to calculate the average cost per kWh for each session. If you have not told us what tariff you're on, or you have changed tariff recently - please add your latest tariff information in the app. You can go to Smart > Your tariff and update the tariff / rate there.

Why is the cost of the session not what I expected?

We use the tariff selected in the app to calculate the cost of each charging session. If the cost per kWh in the app doesn't seem to match your electricity bill, please check that this reflects the current tariff or rate you are on. Go to Smart > Energy > Your tariff to update the tariff.

If the cost of your home charging session is 0, it could mean you have not told us what tariff or rate you’re on. Follow the same steps as above to fill in this information.

If you can't find your tariff in the app, tap the option 'Tariff not listed?' and fill in all the required information so that our team can add it to our database.

Why does my roaming charging session have no cost?

When you charge away from home, whether it is at a public charger or at a friend's house, we often have no information about how much the session cost. In this case, we leave the cost of the session empty.

We are working on an improvement, so that in the future you will be able to edit the cost of the session directly in the app.

In the meantime, you can edit the CSV file, and update it with the cost indicated on the receipt you received from your charge point operator.

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