What is smart charging?

Save money

Get the best price by automatically charging your car during the lowest cost periods on your energy tariff, typically overnight.

Cut carbon

Reduce your emissions by optimising your EV charge sessions to match clean and renewable energy sources.

Get rewards

Don’t miss out on energy bill discounts, Amazon gift cards and rebates that you can earn by charging sustainably.

Smart charging schedules your home electric vehicle charging for when it’s cheapest, greenest and most grid-friendly. Our algorithm looks ahead 24 hours and selects the best times to charge based on your energy tariff and the estimated carbon intensity of the grid.

Traditionally, drivers tend to arrive home, plug in their vehicles, and start charging immediately. However, this aligns with peak periods of domestic energy demand. With smart charging, the app intelligently delays the charging process until household energy demand decreases and cleaner, cheaper energy becomes available. By optimising charging during these low electricity consumption hours, you not only save money but also contribute to the balance and stability of the electricity grid.

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