Why do I need to provide my tariff details?

By inputting your tariff information, you enable us to prioritize charging your vehicle during the most affordable periods. Without this data, our algorithm is unable to factor in cost when determining the optimal charging time.

If you are on a variable rate tariff

This allows us to identify your off-peak periods and schedule your charges when energy costs are lowest.

If you're on a flat rate tariff

We consider factors such as your ready by time, grid demand, and carbon intensity forecast for your region to schedule your charging effectively.

Selecting the appropriate tariff also ensures that the charging costs and savings displayed in the ev.energy app are more accurate, regardless of whether you are on a fixed or variable rate.

If you don't select an energy tariff

You will not see any prices or savings in the app. However, you can still benefit from smart charging, which will be based on the same criteria as if you were on a flat rate tariff.

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