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Reduce your time spent on-site and install more chargers every day, without regulatory hold-ups.

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Install ready-to-go, compliant chargers on the platform.

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Manage compatible chargers remotely with ease.

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Our support team are on-hand to support you online and over the phone.

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Automatically charges during off-peak energy windows for the cheapest charge. Average savings of £250 or US$300 per year.


Give eco-conscious customers the power to track and lower their carbon impact by an average of 20% through our handy app.

Full control

Put the power in their hands to view and manage their charging remotely.

Ready for Smart Charge Point Regulations?

We make compliance a breeze. The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations are coming. Rest easy with our smart charging platform and expertise.

All private EV chargers sold in the UK must be smart from June 2022.

There will be fines of up to £10,000 for selling non-smart chargers.

This is just the start. Regulations are due to evolve rapidly.

We’re in this together 

Setup your charger in minutes, we take care of the rest. 

100% compliant chargers

Install recommended chargers that meet all aspects of smart charge regulations.

Ready for tomorrow

Relax! Over-the-air updates keep customers happy and legal obligations in check.

Get the low-down

Legislation is evolving. Get ahead with expert updates and a dedicated account manager.

From December 2022, EV chargers will need to be physically secure.

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