Launching E.ON Next Drive tariff and app for UK drivers

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In a competitive retail electricity market, E.ON Energy UK sought to design and implement a competitive, EV-only time-of-use rate. However, E.ON’s billing systems lacked the capability to offer a submetered or whole-home time-of use. Moreover, E.ON lacked a mobile app or other platform to engage and deliver value to highly-prized (high-consumption) EV customers.

Innovative solutions

E.ON partnered with to launch the “Next Drive” proposition, a virtual time-of-use rate that is added on to any of E.ON’s flat-rate tariffs and provides per-kWh bill credits for all EV charging done between 12am and 4am, resulting in the UK retail industry’s cheapest off-peak price of 4p/kWh. also built a white-labelled mobile app for E.ON customers to connect their vehicle or charger and have their charging automatically scheduled for the cheapest off-peak hours.

Powerful results

E.ON Next Drive has quickly become one of the most popular tariffs for EV drivers in the UK, with customers saving an average of £267/year by charging off-peak through the app.

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Over 95% of charging is automatically scheduled to off-peak hours
Average customers savings of £267/year
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