How local government is preparing Berkshire for future energy systems with data services

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As part of a series of ADEPT Smart Places Live Labs Programme projects, we worked with Thames Valley local authorities and in partnership with the O2 mobile network and Hubject Consulting to provide data and insights on charging and usage behaviours.

We supported Thames Valley local authorities with:

  • Access to anonymised data on existing electric vehicle ownership, usage behaviour and infrastructure
  • Forecasted how EV ownership will change across Berkshire up to 2024 and explaining the potential impact
  • Drawing insights to inform the future of energy management as Berkshire residents and businesses increasingly adopt EVs

The full picture, explained

EV ownership in Thames Valley Berkshire may see more than 110k EVs on the road by 2024, with a clear trend towards fully Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs).

By partnering with and Hubject Consulting, Thames Valley local authorities were able to get a comprehensive view of both public and private EV charging behaviour, gain clarity on how this will evolve and understand the influencing factors involved.

Berkshire, made smarter

With the data and insight provided, Thames Valley local authorities are now working to ensure that local energy infrastructure is prepared to serve the needs of Berkshire’s communities and businesses for the future with clean energy.

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