EV Data Services

Real-time EV data from across the globe

Access real-time charging data from EV owners around the world through ev.energy’s comprehensive and agile Data as a Service (DaaS) solution to inform your next move. 

EV Data Services

Consumer Behaviour Data

Learn from 2 million+ EV charging sessions

Anonymised and aggregated demographic data

EV makes, models and battery sizes

Energy suppliers and tariffs

Charging behavior at home and away

Infrastructure Data

Make the right move with data from 30,000+ private chargers

Charge type

Asset location

Rated capacity

EV Charging Data

Access extensive, detailed data sets from 70,000+ EV drivers

Half-hourly energy usages

Session cost and carbon intensity

Live EV demand down to street-level

Smart Charging Flexibility Value

Grid Services Optimisation

Modeling & Analytics

Use our predictive data models on to suit your needs

Tailor to your requirements

Build smarter customer segments

Enable efficient deployment of future resources and planning

To learn more about how our data solutions can help your business or discuss a custom arrangement, reach out to our team.

How ADEPT is preparing Berkshire for future mobility with ev.energy data services

ADEPT, O2 and local authorities partnered with ev.energy and Hubject Consulting to unlock insights on EV ownership, usage behaviour and infrastructure for a smarter Berkshire.

Consultancy Services 

Expert EV Advice

Get the best of both worlds by combining our data with consultancy services, delivered in partnership with Hubject Consulting, to help shape your business decisions.

We work with

Charge Point Operators

Consulting & Research Institutions

Energy Networks

EV Manufacturers

Energy Suppliers

Government & Local Authority


Equity & Large Scale Investors

The highest data privacy standards

ev.energy is compliant with the strictest data privacy laws, so you’re in safe hands. Our data is completely anonymous, but we can provide aggregated data across a number of demographics, including by age, gender, income and beyond.

All custom results are yours

We keep your data on firewall protected servers, only accessible with your IP address.

All data is proprietary

Using advanced privacy software, we've gathered all the data ourselves.

GDPR and CCPA compliant

Our privacy strategy, policies and procedures are compliant with GDPR  and CCPA regulations, the world's strictest of privacy standards.

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