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Draw from over 30 years of combined experience in the EV market to inform your next move with our consultancy services, delivered in partnership with Hubject Consulting.

ev.energy and Hubject Consulting

Together, ev.energy and Hubject Consulting are uniquely positioned to provide market-wide datasets for private and public EV charging. Hubject’s central position in the ecosystem allows us to provide you with the world’s most elaborate cross-provider, cross-country insights and benchmarks of Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs).

  • General info - Overview of charging points, AC/DC split, methods of payment, accessibility
  • Utilization - Charging point utilisation on benchmarks for CPOs, time-heatmaps
  • Pricing - B2B charging session price analyzer, payment usage comparison
  • Performance - CSMS systems performance benchmarking

EV Data Services

Empower decision-making with high-quality, comprehensive data points from the 70,000+ smart EV users on our platform.

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Ameren partners with ev.energy

Ameren partners with ev.energy

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