Quick charging solutions now more accessible to new build developers through BriXcell and ev.energy partnership

August 11, 2022
ev.energy Media Team

LONDON, UK — Electric vehicle (EV) software specialist, ev.energy, is teaming up with BriXcell, a one of its kind EV charging solution, to offer property developers and homeowners smart charging technology that will accelerate the UK’s EV adoption.

With BriXcell, installation is as easy as laying a brick, as the unique construction pack is built into an external wall during the construction process and the internal cabling is contained within the infrastructure of the property, the EV’s charge point is then a simple “slot and play” into this construction pack. The charging solution is manufactured in the UK using high-quality electrical components and recycled polymers, ensuring that the eco-friendly EV journey starts even before the first charge.

BriXcell’s customers will now have access to ev.energy’s ‘smart charging’ product feature, which automatically optimises a car’s charging schedule according to when there is low energy demand on the grid, and energy is cheapest and greenest. Through the ev.energy app, consumers can keep track of cost, energy, and carbon usage, get rewarded for smart charging, and even connect to their home solar power for a greener, cheaper charge.

 ev.energy and BriXcell are committed to making charging solutions simpler for EV drivers, whilst helping developers meet regulations and future-proof new builds.

Nick Woolley, CEO at ev.energy, says, “We know EV drivers love fast charging solutions and our partnership with BriXcell will allow even more EV drivers to access cheaper, greener, and faster charging. A truly unique product, the BriXcell construction pack looks fantastic and its aim to simplify the EV charging process resonates with how we, at ev.energy, are striving to make charging your EV a seamless, simple process. With efforts ramping up to increase EV adoption alongside the government’s “Smart Charge Point Regulation 2021” collaborations like these are the commitment we need to ensure drivers have access to charging infrastructure that allows them to save money and reduce their carbon footprint, simply by plugging in.”

Tim Gardner, CEO at BriXcell, says, As the government shifts its funding priorities to focus more on residential and charging infrastructure, this partnership with ev.energy will support the government’s direction and accelerate EV adoption even further. Building on our collaboration with EcoGoZero, our sales partner, we’re delighted to partner with ev.energy, a company that shares our passion for great design that makes the EV’s more accessible.

Drivers can download the ev.energy app for free on the App Store or Google Play

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About ev.energy

ev.energy’s mission is simple: to make EV charging easier, greener, and cheaper. Our software intelligently manages EV charging on behalf of utilities for over 70,000 drivers worldwide. Operating in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia, ev.energy offers a software platform that directly manages charging with a growing list of home chargers and vehicles.

About BriXcell

BriXcell is committed to providing the future of the construction industry with a unique and patented solution for the supply of electric vehicle charge points through the simplest “slot and play” solution, to allow all new properties access to smart charging. By using recycled plastics, and being wholly manufactured and distributed from Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, BriXcell is distributed via their sales partner EcoGoZero based in Annan Dumfries and Galloway. BriXcell’s ambition to be carbon net zero starts at the source of the manufacturing process.

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