AusNet Services partner with for Australian smart charging trial

August 19, 2020 Media Team

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — Working with, winners of the prestigious Free Electrons global accelerator program in 2019, AusNet Services is conducting a trial to empower and incentivise EV owners to select when they need their vehicles charged by. The technology utilised in the trial will then intelligently assess the demands on the electricity network and only charge the vehicle when demand is low.

Traditionally one of the periods of highest demand on the electricity network is in the early evening when many of us return home from work. We turn on kettles, get dinner started, switch on the TV, and heat and cool our homes. This is also the time that a growing number of electric vehicle owners park their car in the garage and plug in to recharge. In many cases the electric vehicle owner may not need their vehicle again until their commute the next morning, so AusNet Services is investigating how smart charging technology can be used to ensure electric vehicle owners can get around when they need to, whilst reducing unnecessary demand on the electricity network.

Derek Jayasuriya, AusNet Services Innovation Manager and Electric Vehicle enthusiast has an open attitude towards smart charging that is shared by many EV owners: “It’s important to me that I can jump in my car and go when I need to, but I’m happy help ensure I’m not placing undue strain on the network during peak times”.

William Goldsmith,’s Head of Commercial & Grid Services said: “ puts the EV owner first to ensure their car is ready when they need it. With a typical overnight plug-in time of 14 hours to do a 2-hour charge, this leaves lots flexibility for us to help us balance the grid. We are delighted to be working with AusNet Services on our first smart charging project in Australia. Although currently behind the UK in EV adoption, Australian EV sales are predicted to reach 30% by 2026. Australia’s energy market and transition from coal to solar and other renewable generation also makes it great place for smart charging electric vehicles.”

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