ev.energy continues collaboration with Volkswagen & Elli following The Future Mobility Incubator

January 14, 2021
ev.energy Media Team

BERLIN – Following ev.energy’s successful graduation from The Future Mobility Incubator in Dresden, Elli (a brand of the Volkswagen Group) has signed a collaboration agreement to continue to work with ev.energy to develop smart charging services. The two companies will continue to collaborate and explore potential options to deliver cheaper, greener, and simpler charging to EV customers.

Nick Woolley, co-founder and CEO of ev.energy said: “It’s been great collaborating with the Elli team through the Future Mobility Incubator. Volkswagen have a strong focus and commitment to innovation, and we are excited to continue collaborating with the team.”

Johannes Rönsberg from the Future Mobility Incubator, said: “The Future Mobility Incubator is a great way of bringing innovative companies like ev.energy to our attention. It’s a great process, and we look forward to continuing to innovate with companies like ev.energy in the future.”

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