Jumptech partners ev.energy to combine software platforms and streamline installations

November 30, 2021
ev.energy Media Team

Jumptech has partnered with ev.energy to integrate together the companies’ installer management platform and electric vehicle (EV) owner smart-charging software platform.

The aim of the partnership is to streamline the install experience while improving security connections, helping to deliver the fastest accredited smart charger installation process on the market, according to the companies. This process is 100% compliant with distribution network operator (DNO) and Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) smart charging regulations.

Jumptech’s platform allows EV drivers to supply information about their property and home charging applications, simplifying the capture of DNO and regulatory data to enable quicker on-site turnaround for installers through automated charger commissioning on the company’s app.

Nick Wooley, CEO and co-founder of ev.energy said: “By partnering with Jumptech, we simplify the charger installation process, and enable installers, charger manufacturers, and fleets to better serve EV drivers in the UK, and internationally.”

Ev.energy’s smart-charging software platform will automatically detect the Jumptech installed charger, as well as provide advanced tracking statistics and additional cash rewards for those who enable smart-charging.

Current± recently caught up with Wooley, to discuss why ev.energy’s offering is unique and how the UK is ‘leading the way’ with smart charging regulations.

The new partnership builds on its smart charger offer, following on from the launch the world’s smartest EV charger as part of a new partnership between ev.energy and Indra earlier this year.

Jumptech also partnered Indra in 2021, as part of a slew of deals that includes Easee UK, ProjectEV, TSG UK, Fulcrum, BP Pulse, Pod Point, YESSS EV & Energy and Good Energy.

“Ev.energy are doing a fantastic job of enabling EV drivers to charge when it’s greenest and cheapest,” said Phill Nunn, founder of Jumptech. “We’re looking forward to working together to make it easier for more drivers to realise the benefits of their great app.”

Jumptech and ev.energy’s platforms are expected to be integrated by the end of 2021, for chargers compatible with ev.energy smart chargers.

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