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May 17, 2022
ev.energy Media Team

After a year of accelerated growth in curating smarter home charging experiences, ev.energy have brought together home charging and a growing network of +5,700 public charging stations from Allstar Business Solutions into the ev.energy app.

LONDON, UK – 17 MAY, 2022 – After 4X growth in the last year with their award-winning smart-home charging app, ev.energy is bringing its cheaper, greener and simpler electric vehicle (EV) charging experience to the open road.

Starting in the Summer of 2022, ev.energy customers will be able to use a growing network of over 5,700 public charging stations across the UK and gain even more cash rewards from their home and out of home charging sessions. With the support of trusted partner, Allstar Business Solutions, the UK’s leading fuel and EV management company, ev.energy customers will now be able to use Allstar’s multi-brand electric charging network within the app experience. Providers on the Allstar network include Alfa Power, Allego, ESB Energy, Hubsta, LiFe, GeniePoint, Mer, Osprey, Plug-N-Go, Source London.

The new service is a big step towards addressing the often-quoted pain point of public charging requiring a myriad of cards. By taking an open-connection approach, ev.energy users will be able to activate their public charging using a combination of RFID card and/or in-app experience (subject to network technology). Not only will EV drivers benefit from a consolidated view of their home and public charging energy cost, carbon savings and usage across a 24-hour, one month or one year view, but they will also be able to earn free public charges by participating in ‘smart charging’ – allowing ev.energy to manage their home charging to support the heavily strained power grid. ev.energy customers will be able to cash in their smart charging reward points in exchange for free charges on the public charging network. At a time when cost-of-living is rising, this will allow drivers to see the true cost of their vehicle charging and take advantage of cheaper costs on the public charging network, all in one place.

The new service will also provide drivers with helpful in-app notifications on charging progress, including charging interruption or parking overstay warnings to avoid some of the key charging pain points experienced by EV drivers today.

Nick Woolley, CEO and Co-Founder of ev.energy, states: “Our drivers tell us that public charging is fiendishly complex, and not integrated with home charging. We wanted to help them, and saw an opportunity to bring together and simplify home and public charging. We’re delighted to be extending ev.energy outside the home, helping drivers simplify and save on their charging, wherever and whenever they charge.”

Laura Lancaster, VP EV Sales and Partnerships at Allstar Business Solutions, commented: “We at Allstar Business Solutions are delighted to support ev.energy as it strives to improve EV charging solutions for the public. We share the same ultimate goal in trying to make charging as convenient as possible, and by joining forces in this way, customers can benefit from more than 5,700 chargers across over 2,000 locations around the UK.”

Aside from rewards and better insights and data, ev.energy will also enable more service notifications to update EV drivers on their current state of charging, such as charging interruptions or warnings of overstaying parking allocations, straight to their phone.

Trials have been conducted in April and May, with an extensive waiting list already in place.

Users can sign up at: https://ev.energy/solutions/charging-on-the-go/


About ev.energy

ev.energy is a Certified B Corporation® with a mission to make EV charging greener, cheaper, and more accessible to everyone. Its end-to-end software platform connects to a range of electric vehicles and L2 chargers and intelligently manages EV charging in line with utility and network signals, while keeping customers engaged and rewarded through an award-winning mobile app. With a global base of utility customers including SVCE, American Electric Power, E.ON Energy, and UK Power Networks, ev.energy manages hundreds of megawatts of EV load on its platform each day. Learn more at https://ev.energy

About Allstar Business Solutions Limited

Allstar Business Solutions Limited is one of the UK’s market leading business fuel, EV and expense card providers, with over 40 years expertise.  Accepted at over 90% of fuel sites across the UK, it has over 1.1 million cards in circulation across 50,000 businesses, giving drivers’ access to fuel spend across supermarkets, major oil companies and motorway fuel stops. The network encompasses around 7,700 sites nationwide, alongside more than 2,000 charging locations and over 5,700 charge points across its electric vehicle charging network.

For more information, please visit: www.allstarcard.co.uk

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FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc. is a leading global provider of commercial payment solutions. The company helps businesses of all sizes better control, simplify and secure payment of their fuel, toll, lodging and general payables. With its proprietary payment networks, FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc. provides affiliated merchants with incremental sales and loyalty. FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc. serves businesses, partners and merchants in North America, Latin America, Europe and Australasia.

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