Smart Charge API

Plug, play and win

Easily connect to the platform or use our smart charging algorithm with your devices, applications, or services.

EV Flex | Virtual Power Plant Platform

Take control of flexible EV demand.

Aggregation of flexible demand is key to enabling a renewable power grid.

By optimizing your customer’s energy loads you can smooth out intermittencies caused by renewables and unlock new revenue streams for your business.

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Powerful ability, modular build

Block by block, our Smart Charge API offers a world of powerful possibilities.


Access your customer data to learn, iterate and grow your offering.


Command charging remotely for efficient customer service and grid balancing.


Put customer EV charging on autopilot with cheaper, greener smart charging.

Plug in and play

Connect in minutes

Easily connect to customer vehicles, hardware and smart charging functionality with just a few lines of code.

Bring it together

Unlock the possibilities of connected vehicles. Build custom functionality that speeds up business, wins clients and delights customers.

Scale with pace

Improve and expand your offering with live data and all the tools you need to scale a winning proposition in record time.

Integrate with industry leaders

Connect to the flourishing ecosystem of electric vehicle and home charger endpoints.

Who we work with


Wiser by Schneider Electric

Get in touch to learn how Schneider Electric is using our API to help customers conveniently manage their home energy use with the Wiser app.

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