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Defer costly infrastructure upgrades -  bolster transmission and distribution networks with dynamic load-shifting and grid-friendly EV charging behavior.

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Protect your customers from energy price shocks and meet green targets by matching EV demand with renewable generation on the grid.

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Keep your customers happy with a 4.5*-rated app to track EV charging behavior and encourage grid-friendly charging practices. In competitive energy markets, win EV customer market share.

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Hawaiian Electric informs strategy with a 4.5-star EV charging app


EVs present a positive leap toward a low-carbon future - and Hawaiian Electric needed visibility of baseline charging behavior in their territory to make informed decisions about program design, rate tariff development, and infrastructure planning.


With Smart Charge Hawaii, powered by, Hawaiian Electric rolled out a regulator-approved driver app and incentives program to unlock rich charging insights and pave the way for the electrification of transportation across the islands.


Con Edison and Orange & Rockland shift EV charging off-peak


Con Edison and O&R are on a mission to support the transition to EVs among New York’s motorists following the state's 2035 ban on new, light-duty gas-powered vehicles while ensuring the grid remains reliable for everyone as demand rises.


With SmartCharge New York, powered by, Con Edison and O&R leveraged vehicle telematics and off-bill payments to encourage and reward EV drivers for charging off-peak and avoiding on-peak charging. The program is open to a broad range of home charger brands representing over 90% of the market within Con Edison and Orange & Rockland service areas.


MCE reduced peak EV load by 90%


As electricity demand continues to climb, the grid in California is under immense strain - especially during hot summer days. As a Community Choice Aggregator, MCE needed a win-win-win solution to serve its customers, fund clean energy initiatives, and reinforce the grid.


With the MCE Sync program, powered by, MCE can shift EV charging demand in real-time to align with low-carbon and renewables capacity and incentivize drivers to do their part to reduce local grid constraints. This resulted in an average 90% reduction in peak EV demand.

Bidirectional Non-Exporting

Reduce network strain with Vehicle-to-Home (V2H)


Increasing transport, heating and industry electrification is leading to a surge in demand on the grid, particularly during peak hours. Grid operators are faced with the growing need for a cost-effective solution that can be implemented swiftly.


With ev.enegy’s V2X solutions, EVs within your network can store and transmit power to homes, shifting energy generated off-peak for self-consumption during demand peaks. This alleviates strain and reliance on the grid.

Bidirectional Exporting

Balance demand with Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)


As energy demand rises, especially during peak hours, grid operators are being confronted with the requirement for a cost-effective solution to manage changing load curves.


With ev.enegy’s V2X solutions, EVs within your network can store and transmit power back to the grid to maximise energy flexibility. This alleviates strain and helps store renewables for use at peak times.

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