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In 2020, Ameren passed a 5-year capital investment plan for grid modernization and was piloting its proprietary DERMS platform to manage assets across its service territory in Missouri. EV ownership is highly localized in Missouri, with EVs mainly clustered in wealthy St. Louis suburbs and straining local feeder lines especially on hot summer afternoons. As a result, Ameren sought to deploy a demand-response solution that could be wirelessly deployed and implemented to its EV customers in Missouri.

Within one month, plugged into Ameren’s DERMS platform and remotely deployed its software to EV drivers located on the same 12 kV feeder in the St. Louis area. Using dynamic load signals from the DERMS, balanced EV charging loads within the feeder’s 4.5 MW capacity limit. EV charging was managed using’s vehicle telematics.

Over the course of the summer, responded to dynamic changes in load on the 12 kV feeder, re-dispatching EV charging on summer afternoons/evenings to avoid 40 thermal constraint events. Ameren customers still had their vehicles charged by their desired departure times and earned off-bill incentives for DR participation. More information on how delivered an EV-specific solution for Ameren’s DERMS team can be found in this EPRI report.

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100% of EV load shifted out of the demand response event hours
40 thermal constraint events avoided
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