Launching GridShift with SVCE in California

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With over 20,000 EVs in its service territory, community choice aggregator Silicon Valley Clean Energy sought to launch an end-to-end residential EV charging program called “GridShift.” SVCE sought to manage customers’ EV charging against multiple variables: firstly, off-peak on their TOU rates, and secondly during the lowest-carbon hours in CAISO NP15 during off-peak periods.

Smart solution

SVCE contracted to deliver a turnkey EV charging service for the GridShift program. partnered with WattTime to provide the renewable generation forecasts, and white-labelled a mobile app for SVCE. Customers enrolled in the program and connected their compatible vehicle or EVSE via the app, and received push notifications alerting them to plug in before low-carbon events.

Big impact

GridShift participants save over $200 per year by charging off-peak on their TOU rate, depending on their rate and amount of charging done at home. In addition, over 60% of participants are responding to low-carbon events, using energy to charge that is up to 75% lower-carbon and earning up to $10/month in additional on-bill credits.

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$200 in savings per year for drivers
Average of 72% lower-carbon energy
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