ev.energy, grid services, and your data

The flexibility from smart EV charging can be utilised to help balance the electricity grid. To be able to deliver these grid services, we need to share data about you and your charging with the 3rd party Grid Operator and flexibility service providers in your area. In the UK, that's your address, Meter Point ID number and anonymised charging data.

Please refer to our privacy policy for the full list of third parties we work with and the data we'll share.

What's in it for me?

Grid Services enable us to offer you awesome rewards, including Amazon Vouchers and Carbon Offset Credits! These services also help us smooth out peak energy demand on the grid - reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

What do I do next?

All you need to do is:

1. Complete the details on the in-app form and "Allow" data sharing.

2. Plug-in as normal when you get home, making sure Smart Charging is enabled in the ev.energy app.

3. Claim a rewards every time you complete 20 qualifying smart charges

Will this affect when my car charges?

We always put YOU first, when optimising your charging. You're still in full control of your "ready by" time and can "Boost" charge whenever you need to. However, if there is extra flexibility within your charging schedule, then ev.energy will automatically select the best times for the grid and the environment to help you charge cheaper and greener.

You can read more about how we optimise your charges here.

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