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The electric revolution is here. Take charge with Pando.

The tools your business deserves

Save time on site

Pre-commission chargers and test connections before arrival for the fastest installation ever, right from the comfort of your office or van.

In sync with the grid

Unlock the full potential of smart and bi-directional charging with access to grid flexibility services from

Fast, friendly phone support

Our excellent-rated support team is on hand to help you get the most out of Pando and keep business flowing.

Connect multi-unit charging sites

Provide multiple-user EV charging. Get full visibility and control from anywhere with the Pando dashboard.

Add revenue boosting features

Get ahead of your competitors with solar charging and other premium features. Upgrade anytime, right from Pando.

Works with Jumptech

Install more chargers every day. Connect Pando with our partners at Jumptech to speed through every installation.

Smart and Solar Charging from the get-go

Provide smart charging and solar compatibility straight out of the box through

Save customers money

Save your customers money every time they charge with powerful smart charging features from our app.

Add hassle-free solar 

Flick a switch to turn on Solar Charging for your customers, so they can enjoy zero-cost, zero-carbon charging with their PV panels. No additional hardware required.

Unlock valuable features

Grow your sales by offering market-leading EV charging feature, including solar and public charging.

Ready for Smart Charge Point Regulations

We make compliance a breeze. The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations are now in force. Rest easy with our smart charging platform and expertise.

All private EV chargers sold in the UK must be smart-ready as of June 2022.

There are fines of up to £10,000 for selling non-smart chargers.

This is just the start. Regulations are due to evolve rapidly.

Arm your support team

Allow your team to keep tabs on all chargers, charging sessions and customers in one simple tool.

Automated charger commissioning

Full list of chargers and customers

Live charger status

Historic charger data

Raw logs for full compliance

OCPP charger hosting for you and your clients

Remote charger configuration

Continuous model and firmware tests

Over-the-air software updates

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