EV Charging for Apartments and Workplaces

Shared EV Charging,
without the fuss.

Charging for every site and scenario, compatible across chargers.

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An illustration of 2 people sharing an EV charger in a car park.
Multi-user EV Charging Software

Shared chargers,
loved by drivers.

Share EV chargers across multiple parties or publicly. Effortlessly setup multi-user EV chargers and let ev.energy take care of charge authorisation, cost settlement, driver experience and circuit loading.

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Powerfully fast and reliable

Setup your charger in minutes, we take care of the rest.
Are you looking for software that can share chargers across multi-unit dwellings, such as an apartment, shared carpark or garage? Or are you looking to offer a personal charger to the public? We’ve got you covered.
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Connect multiple chargers to Pando in minutes and let ev.energy manage charging and billing from there on.
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Drivers that need to use your chargers can use the ev.energy app to unlock and manage charging. For card enabled chargers, we also provide branded RFID cards.
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Full control

ev.energy Pando gives you and your customers a vast range of options to manage your shared chargers.
Make money with your shared chargers by allowing the public to charge their EVs. We collect payments on your behalf and reimburse you monthly for the charging costs you set.
Once connected, the software manages the authorisation of charging sessions and tracks charging details including costs. The system can automatically collect payments from drivers .
Reduce electricity costs when charging by aligning charging sessions with lower cost electricity prices.
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Earn extra revenue with your chargers by enabling ev.energy to bid your chargers into locally available demand response programs.
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Set a load limit for multiple chargers that are connected to the same electrical circuit. Our software automatically manages the load across multiple chargers that still warrants the fastest charging results.

Hardware agnostic

We integrate with a range of leading charger brands, so you can manage them all together.

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