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Launch and scale a market-leading EV charging app for your customers.

Control and optimize
Slash driving costs

Let your customers charge up their EV for less with off-peak rates. Average savings of £250 or US$300 per year.

Cut carbon emissions

Ensure customers can take advantage of low-carbon hours. Average savings of 20%.

Delight your customers

One simple app gives your customers full control over their charging.

Realize the business benefits

Win high-margin customers

Provide a top-rated app and service that empowers EV drivers.

Relieve power network strain

Ease grid pressure and reward customers for demand response participation.

Start small, scale with ease

No major investment is required. Plug into our existing app in days and scale with success.

Smart charging made easy are the market leaders in smart charging. We can help you launch a winning EV smart charging app with minimal time and effort.

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Putting power in people’s pockets and UK Power Networks keep drivers on the move with power cut notification service and UK Power Networks launch new feature, Powercast, after a successful trial.

Launching E.ON Next Drive tariff and app for UK drivers launched a smart charging app for E.ON Next, part of E.ON Energy UK

Launching GridShift with SVCE in California launched a smart EV charging app for SVCE customers in California

How local government is preparing Berkshire for future energy systems with data services

ADEPT, O2 and local authorities partnered with to unlock insights on EV ownership, usage behaviour and infrastructure fo

Ameren Missouri manages power demand across the state with

Ameren plugged’s platform into their DERMS platform to manage demand across their service territory in Missouri.

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